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Can you spare us just a minute?

…and help us get Saint George’s clock working again for our community by remembering a special minute in your life?

Why have we launched our ‘Just a Minute’

The clock has stopped completely and specialist advisers have said the mechanism needs a complete overhaul, the clock face re-gilded and an automatic winding and auto regulation system installed. At present the winding has to be done manually and as the clock chamber can be accessed only by a hoop iron rung ladder, there is a health and safety risk.

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How much is needed?

£15,000 for the total work which we hope to raise through church members and supporters, events, gifts from the community and project grants.

Who will benefit?

As Saint George’s, which is a Grade II listed church, faces a main road this landmark clock would benefit all citizens and visitors to the city as well as members of the congregation.

A right of way passes through the churchyard and is used by many as a short cut. All our neighbours in Saint George’s Square can see the clock, including residents at a retirement home who rely on the hourly chimes day and night.

How can you help?

We are a charitable group. The Friends of Saint George’s have been asked by the parochial church council to oversee the project. We thought a fun way to raise the money would be to get people to sponsor a minute on the clock for a minimum donation of £10. We want people to select a memorable minute for them, such as when they were born, started school, got married, went on a wonderful holiday or a poignant occasion.

Sponsor a minute

We would like you to write up to 100 words explaining which minute of the day (using the 24 hour clock) you would like to sponsor and why.

We are planning to produce a large book about the project which we will keep in Saint George’s Church. It will include each story and the sponsor’s name. We’ll also publish the stories on this site.

To take part go to our ‘Sponsor a minute‘ page.


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